IcHIMS Revenue Collection

The Revenue Module shall have the following features;

  • Shipping – Includes distribution of commodities and their financial effects
  • Stock- Out : Helps show the Drugs that have gone out of stock
  • Orders : Revenue Collection Module that accepts orders from various departments
  • Cash : Allows for receiving cash payments into the system
  • Make Order: Allows for various department to make orders for payment to be received centrally
  • New/Revisit : Allows for Creation of patients/customers
  • Batches : Allows for Point of Sale Batching of POS activity and employees schedules
  • Cash Drop: Is the collection of cash from the cash drawer by a supervisor
  • Reset Activity : Helps Reset the system activities
  • Credit : Help reverse a wrong entry
  • Pre-payments allows for accepting of deposits into the system
  • Reports: helps generate daily financial reports e.g. Z-report, x-Report